Bubble Butt Scrunch Biker Shorts


The Bubble Butt You've Been Waiting For!

Introducing the Bubble Butt Scrunch Biker Shorts. These shorts were designed after our popular Bubble Butt Scrunch LeggingsHandcrafted and improved from the well-known Scrunch Leggings, we began to use Moisture-Wicking Stretch Fabric© to really show off your curves, giving you that natural looking bubble butt! Not short enough? Click here for the Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts!

Bubble Butt Scrunch Biker Shorts
Leggings That Define Your Booty

These high waisted biker shorts serve as an instant tummy tuck and waist cincherHigh waistband designed to prevent slippage and sagging—helping to lift your butt and put it into place, giving it that perfect shape.

Bubble Butt Scrunch Biker Shorts

Familiar Design but Better  

This pair of biker shorts still rocks our famous butt scrunch design. Just like the leggings version, the scrunch makes you butt extra juicy. Don't worry, it isn't too tight - there’s no wedgie! You won't even notice this butt-lifting magic while you workout. The waistband is still high-waist for instant tummy control. So, what's new? We now use our Moisture-Wicking Stretch Fabric for maximum sweat control - because sweat marks are unflattering.

Bubble Butt Scrunch Biker Shorts

The Scrunch Your Booty Deserves

Don't let another pair of biker shorts hide your curves again! With our bubble butt scrunch biker shorts, we specifically designed these shorts to support and enhance the shape of your booty.

Bubble Butt Scrunch Biker Shorts

No More Accidental Undergarment Reveals 

Nobody wants see-through shorts or leggings. It’s humiliating, off-putting, and distracting. Good thing the new fabric of our Bubble Scrunch Biker Shorts is thick enough that it remains opaque even when squatting. 

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