Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings


Gives Your Bum the Extra Lift 

From zero to a hundred, your bum will look like you've been doing millions of squats and lunges. The Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings have carefully-placed figure contouring stripes underneath the bums, making your rear look bigger. It also has a scrunched up line for a complete plumped up butt look.
Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings

Jump into a pair of this Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings and you'll instantly have a juicy booty you've been dreaming.

Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings

Stretchable Yet Squat-Proof 

What's the use of wearing a pair of butt lifting leggings if there's a possibility of revealing? Don't worry! You'll never experience a humiliating and accidental undergarment exposure with the Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings. Its seamless fabric is thick yet stretchable so you’ll feel safe while you squat, lunge, and more.

Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings

Confidently Move with Maximum Tummy Control 

Did we mention that the Uplift Booty Seamless Leggings offers maximum tummy control? It is high-waist and free from the usual T-shaped stitching at the front. This allows you to freely and confidently move, whatever workout session you have for the day.   

Product Features

  • High waist
  • Seamless
  • Breathable
  • Fabric: Broadcloth & Spandex
  • Sizing Chart Below
  • Available in 8 Colors
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SIZING CHARTUplift Booty Seamless Leggings Sizing Chart